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What We Do

An innovative, useful and accessible product, which fulfils the needs for electricity, natural light and heating. The product consists of a reflective surface that is placed in direct sunlight and with the proper inclination reflects the solar rays to the interior of a room. The automatic motion mechanism of the reflective surface ensures that the panel takes maximum advantage of the solar rays throughout the day.

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Who We Are

Prompted by the successful participation of our school in the Young Entrepreneurship Club Competition in 2016, we wanted to continue this venture with a new and innovative business idea. We developed an idea and designed a product that takes advantage of an abundant renewable energy resource: the sun. Therefore we founded Phaethon inc - Phaethon the legendary son of Helios (Sun), according to Greek mythology.

Why We Do It

A powerfull, efficient, and cost-effective way to take advantage of daily sunlight. Our product has many versatile applications. Some of them are: natural light in homes, business, schools and anywhere that there is lack of. Health benefits due to Vitamin D. Indoor plant cultivating. Cost-effective energy production through appliances such as heat pumps, heat generators and solar water heaters.

Lumens (Light measuremant. 60W bulb = 800Lumens)

  1. Affordable, alternative way to renewable energy

  2. Easy to install, on any surface or window

  3. Wide range of uses, natural light, energy, heating for any type of property.

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Phaethon Inc. A virtual enterprise by the 5th High School of Kavala, Greece.